Monday, March 27, 2017

What a drama

Morning all from a very hot autumn morning here in Melbourne. 
But I'll leave that for another post 
Remember I started this pattern on Friday?
Well I couldn't get the stitch count right. 
No matter what I tried. 
I cast on  62 stitches and all was fine till that first increase 
Now I know I'm a nuffy and I don't really know what I'm doing. But I tried knitting four stitches and then making one by knitting in the front and back on the fifth 
Nope. Pulled it all out and then knitted three stitches and made one by knitting back and front on the fourth. 
So I got the shits and unraveled it all and found another pattern 

This one. And it's free! 
I paid for the first pattern and I have made it in the smaller size. It's only out by a couple of stitches so easily rectified on the next row 
But the large size is out by about 12 stitches and I have no idea what I am doing wrong. 
So I have now started this on and as of th first increase I have the correct number of stitches. 
If anyone can see what the hell im doing wrong. Please tell me. 
It's driving me crazy
Now as for this Indian summer .............
See ya xxxxx


Saturday, March 25, 2017

An ordinary weekend


It's Saturday night and hubby and I are home watching telly 
I've had my hips put back where they are supposed too so I'm supposed to rest for two or three days 
So I've spent all day today just doing regular housework, washing and crafting. Only doing lifts spurts and resting in between 
Hubby has been a busy boy outside. Mowing and wedding the garden beds   
I've finished two baby blankets and a baby girls cardigan. So now all babies have something hand made for when they are born
I've started this in threes cardigan with the loft over yarn. If it's big enough it will be for Melody but if it's not it will go to the charity pile at knitting 
Tomorrow we are having lunch at a friends  and then back home for an early night. 
Trying hard to cut down on pain meds. So I'm not going to push any harder than I have too
Have a lovey weekend all 
See ya 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Autumn equinox

Day and night at of equal time. 
Now the days will shorten and the nights will be long and cold 
Already today the weather is cooler. Much cooler than the last few days 
Hubby spent yesterday splitting this wood so we have a good amount to start off our winter with
More will be added slowly 

And here is the beginning of a bonfire 
I'll slowly pull out the summer crops and add to this. Anything that can't be fed to th chickens or sheep
Hopefully we will be able to light it once the fire restrictions are over
Rain is forecast for th next few days. We really need it. 
How's the wether at your place? 
Are you coming into winter like us, or are beautiful sunny days coming your way? 
See ya xxx

Friday, March 17, 2017

A new look

These drapes have been on our windows for over 23 years 
They were put up before we had the front veranda and had to keep the hot afternoon sun out
They are very faded in places and getting harder and harder for me to clean 

So I got some total block out blinds and yesterday hubby pulled down two sets of drapes and installed these. 
They will need a pain to cover the marks left by the old tracks. But eventually I will cover that area with a pelmet of some sorts
I have a few ideas. 
Just by removing the dark drapes and replacing them with the light blinds it already has made it look much brighter in here 

Here is the back door. 
A more modern look
Two more windows to change and then to save money for the next stage 
Hopefully hubby will be able to do it either tonight or over the weekend
Not a hard job. Just needs both of us on step ladders 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Wirrawilla walk

We all went on a walk through the Forrest. It was a Baird walk to help keep us off the tracks and preserve the flora. There were little signs every telling us about the plants. It was very educational for the girls so they could go back to school and tell their teachers they learnt things while on holidays lol. Love walking through the forests. The thick foliage muffled all sounds and you can convince yourself your the only one in there. Totally alone. Bliss 
Hope you enjoy the pics
See ya xxx


Monday, March 13, 2017

Murrindindi- toolangi state Forrest

Here we are at camp just two families. The other two were at the camp site across from us 

Same camp site. But from other end.  My camper van is the white and green one the one with the girls is bronwyn and Dave's 
Our solar panels out in the sun keeping the battery full so we have lights 
Our camp fire. Always great to sit around and talk about everything 
Here is the back of bronwyn and Kay and I in the water in the middle of the water fall. It was freezing. But as it's like fifty steps down to it. It was very nice once you got in. 
Unfortunately you heated up again going back up to the top 
We are home now and half unpacked the van. 
I'm very tired but I've had a lovely relaxing bath and once the washing machine is finished I'll hang th washing and relax the rest of the night. 
I'll post more pics tomorrow showing the lovely walk we did through the bush 
See ya xxxxx

Friday, March 10, 2017

Getting away

It's a long weekend for us this week 
So hubby and I are going away for a few days. Taking the poptop camper
Going with the old crew so it's should be fun 
Taking my knitting and crochet with me and a good book
Son and daughter in law are settle in and slowly working out their routine so they will man the fort! 
Don't know if I'll have Internet. So I'll post when I get home 
Enjoy your weekend everyone. Drive safe
See ya xxxxx